Herdwick one year old hogget lamb

Can be supplied in the form of half, or a full carcass. A slow growing, lean animal, with a slightly gamey texture. We only keep this breed as my wife observed a blind tasting and Herdwick came out top from a list of ten other types of sheep for flavour. All product comes professionally butchered, boxed, labelled and ready for the freezer, or your plate. Box Wt. around 40 lb. (18 Kg.) Usually available between January and May.

£145 full lamb, £95 half.

Note — Around the autumn period of each year, occasionally there is Herdwick mutton available. This is sold again in half, or full carcass weights. Utterly superb tasting produce that time has forgotten. Enquire for availability.

Herdwick Sheep

Beef Shorthorn prime grass fed beef

A traditional old Dales breed, which is very slow to mature if reared naturally. All animals are taken to the maximum age of 30 months and are hung for a full four weeks. The breed naturally produces very well marbled, fantastically tasting beef. Each animal is available after a full summer at grass, all to help enhance the flavour. A fair selection of cuts from the carcass i.e. steaks, to joints, to mince. Usually available Sept. - Nov. Box Wt. 28.5 - 33lbs (13 - 15Kg.)

10Kg. boxes available for individuals with a smaller freezer space @ £150.
To include as a minimum; prime steaks, silverside/topside, stewing steak, and mince.


Beef Shorthorn

Christmas Goose

Fully free range, grass reared and slow to mature. A delicate light meat with an enhanced flavour emanating from the environment in which it is reared. Enjoy a traditional British festive lunch, or special family occasion at an alternative time of year. We do not rear 100s of these birds only what is hatched naturally each year, in the main they are sold quickly to regular customers who return year, on year. Supplied oven ready. carcass Wt. from 8-12 lb. (3.6 - 5.5 Kg.)


Christmas Goose
Beef Shorthorn

Muscovy Duck

Again fully free range. Lean dark meat for a duck. Supplied oven ready, most customers take a brace of drake and duck together. Ideal for a dinner party. Available from October until March. carcass Wt. from 3-5 lb. (1.4 - 2.3 Kg.)


Muscovy Duck

Cornish Game Roasting Chicken

An ancient breed of fowl, originating in this county many centuries ago. Large breasted birds, which again are slow growing with a dense richly flavoursome meat. Only very rarely available, primarily because we eat them first ! Carcass Wt. from 3-6 LB. (1.4 - 2.7 kg.)


Beef shorthorn


I feel fortunate to have found a producer of fine quality beef,lamb and duck. The beef is tender, full of flavour and lean. The lamb is succulent, strong flavour and lean. The duck is a strong flavour and not fatty at all. Paul and Adele were most hospitable when we called to collect some duck, and gave us a tour of the farm. The animals have a good life and are well cared for. Its Yorkshire's best secret. - Mrs. J. Dickson (Blackpool)

Greensley Bank's meat is among the very best I've ever eaten. Purchasing direct from the farm is without a doubt the best decision we've made. The difference between this and supermarket fare is night and day. Buying meat of this calibre in bulk presents superb value for money and the flavour is out of this world. Delivery is straightforward and the meat arrives promptly the next day, perfectly chilled. We are committed, repeat customers and haven't looked back since our first purchase. - Mrs. C. Cooney (Glasgow)

Paul produces beef that tastes like beef should, as we remember it from our childhoods. We have had two deliveries of beef so far and are thoroughly enjoying the cuts and joints; we had a piece of flank, roasted and it melted in our mouths. Delivery is excellent, it comes very well insulated, and Paul will get it butchered to your requirements. We are his most southerly customer and apart from the fact that it would be good to visit his farm, it makes no difference that we are so far away, delivery is first class. - Mrs. S. Mace (Brighton)

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